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Advice, action and intervention when you need it, at a price you can afford. We will be your strategic partner, helping you to manage the challenges that arise from employment relationships.

For recruitment, selection, performance management and compliance with workplace laws, our objective is to provide you with the tools, techniques and advice that will keep your business on track for profit and productivity.

We will support and guide you and your teams over the hurdles of hiring, induction, managing, motivating and controlling your workforce to build capacity and output while ensuring that you satisfy legal requirements.

You save time and money; we worry about trying to solve your HR problems.

You concentrate on building your business; we deal with the technical detail of HR policy, procedures, admin and compliance.

We engage with our clients in terms of individual need. Some companies only require assistance with HR templates or agreements; others want help to resolve issues that have arisen in isolation, one-off events.

We can help you

To get it right from the very start, with

Hiring and Onboarding

Job Descriptions and Job Specifications

Defining Key Performance Indicators

Induction, Orientation, Employee Handbook

HR Policy and Procedures Manuals

Performance Management Systems

Training you and your staff to manage performance

We can also help at any time with issues that arise, including

Equal Opportunity and Discrimination

Bullying and Harassment

Holiday and Leave entitlements

Wage and Salary issues, rates of pay

Resignations and Termination

HR policies and procedures: create comprehensive HR manual addressing industry-specific and location-specific issues; train staff and management on-site prior to introduction of new policies; annual refresher training

Recruiting & Hiring

Employee Handbook Creation

Organizational Culture

Our clients have always expected results, and our first commitment is to positive outcomes.

Our clients also expect value for money, and we deliver solutions tailored to your individual business needs at a price you can afford. Our passion for quality work in everything we do is driven by traditional values of honesty, integrity and respect.

These are the same values we share with our clients, from the smallest (2 employees) to the largest (100 + employees): our clients' pursuit of profit and productivity is firmly rooted in a foundation of strong business ethics, respect for people and delivery of highest quality products and services.

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